Susan Levin, President, Dialogue for Solutions
Susan Levin, President, Dialogue for Solutions

My passion is to see the world through other people’s eyes and tap into their knowledge and expertise.

This empathic interest began when I studied anthropology and agriculture in college to prepare for a career in international development.

I felt it was crucial to understand people’s cultures and values, and discover how they would solve their own problems.

Since then, I’ve worked on leadership development, micro-enterprise, negotiation and mediation projects around the world.

In 1989, I founded Dialogue for Solutions to work with organizations to strengthen employee competencies and improve productivity.

Listen to how and why I started my company, including a brief synopsis of my methodology:


Expected Results

As a trainer, I design and develop interactive workshops where adult learners experience the topics in an interactive way that recognizes their skills and lets them share their experiences. After a United Nations training in Haiti, a participant said, “You helped us be who we authentically are.”

As a facilitator, leading strategic planning or team-building, I find out what’s working and what can be strengthened. Participants develop concrete action plans, and make individual and team commitments to implement them.

As a coach, I guide my clients to uncover their wisdom to find the answers they need.

As a mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia, I help bridge the conflict gap, moving parties toward resolution.

My clients and I work collaboratively to accomplish these results by looking at what already works in an organization, with a focus on proven success and best practices. This approach has a solid record of success that can work for you, too.

Core Values

Results – My clients tell me they’ve made progress as a result of working with me. At the retreats I facilitate, participants develop concrete action plans and commit to implementing them.

Flexible – My goal is to meet the requirements of my clients. You’ll find that I’m flexible so we find the right response to your needs.

Responsive – I quickly respond to my client’s questions, suggestions and concerns. I view my relationships as collaborative partnerships in which we develop programs and processes together.

Reliable – From start to finish, you can depend on me to get the job done on time. With more than two decades of experience, I offer practical and relevant approaches that have proven to work.