Project Examples

Strategic Planning

An international health care organization, University Research Corporation, needed to conduct strategic planning with staff from headquarters and field offices around the world. After completing a needs assessment with staff through interviews and an online survey, I facilitated a three-day retreat to discuss key issues and develop a practical action plan with group and individual commitments.

Focus Group Facilitation

I facilitated focus groups for the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The purpose was to improve customer service at the Office of Administration, which provides services to the White House.

Leadership Development

I co-facilitate leadership development programs for managers at Daimler/Mercedes Benz. Sessions cover topics such as teambuilding; communications using the DISC assessment; systemic principles; peer consulting; change management; and action planning.

Executive Coaching

The staff of a senior manager at a Federal agency was dissatisfied with her management style, and I was asked to coach her. She came to recognize that her rigid and demanding ways weren’t conducive to her staff’s productivity and motivation. I used powerful questioning and 360-feedback from co-workers to help the manager uncover the answers she needed. She became more aware of the impact of her actions, and as a result, adjusted her managerial approach. After following up with the staff, they reported that she was more approachable and flexible in the way she managed them. And they decided not to leave the organization for other jobs.

Global Deployment

When the US Agency for International Development deployed a new worldwide information technology with several contractors, they were at a crossroads about how to progress forward. I was brought in to facilitate a collaborative strategic plan for next steps. As a result, the project got back on track and the system was deployed.

Online Training

I designed and deliver virtual online modules for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Supervisory Certificate Program. Also designed and facilitated online courses on Effectively Communicating Across Cultures and The Art of International Negotiation for the International Institute of the Graduate School USA.

Cross-Cultural Training

A software engineer employed by Honeywell received cross-cultural training when she moved from India to the United States. I helped her adapt to professional life in the U.S. Using a personal values profile she gained a better understanding of the differences between her cultural background and American culture. The topics covered included the following: conducting daily business; communicating with Americans; transition issues related to adjustment, stress, culture shock, repatriation and family adaptation.

Groupware Technology

At a conference for Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families, I facilitated small group discussions and assisted participants with using groupware technology and keypads to vote on priorities for future planning.