I’m Susan Levin, President of Dialogue for Solutions, and I believe that when people use their strengths at work, they get results.

My consulting firm specializes in facilitation, leadership development, training, coaching, organization development and conflict resolution services in the United States and abroad.

Susan Levin facilitates dialogue with United Nations agencies in Rome, Italy.
Susan Levin facilitates dialogue with United Nations agencies in Rome, Italy.

For more than 26 years, I’ve helped thousands of employees be more productive, achieve greater results and make a difference in their organizations. Whether it’s developing a workshop, facilitating a retreat, coaching staff, mediating conflict or guiding an organization development effort, I strive to meet the unique needs of my clients.

WATCH this video clip where I discuss resolving conflict in a presentation to the Appreciative Inquiry Learning Community in Washington, DC.


Your Expectations and My Focus

  • Do you want to build a stronger, more cohesive team?
  • Are you planning for the future of your department?
  • Have you had a conflict that you didn’t know how to resolve?
  • Do you work with a difficult person?
  • Do you struggle to get your message across to colleagues or senior leadership?

The key to addressing these situations is strategic dialogue – how to be smart about how you communicate and get the job done. I work with you to develop practical solutions to critical challenges. Your organization benefits when employees work more effectively together, saving you time and money, and reducing stress.

My vision is to co-create workplaces that support employees to be at their best while enjoying what they’re doing.

Here on my site, you’ll learn more about how this approach can raise productivity in your organization.

“Susan has an uncanny ability to ‘read’ situations and personalities. She is a great listener and she is able to discern the deeper issues that may be masked by more obvious surface cues. She was able to (seemingly without effort) engage personnel that have notoriously remained determinedly aloof from all such previous efforts.”

~Irene Haas Grissom, Director, Office of Grants Management, National Center for Research Services, National Institutes of Health

Have you ever thrown a stone in a lake, watching the ripples it makes? Imagine each stone as an employee or an office, making multiple ripples outward, positively impacting the rest of the organization.

If you share an interest in reinforcing strengths to bring out the most effective skills and competencies, let’s co-create ripples in your organization. Together, we can make a huge wave of difference.