Coaching Services for Success

Coaching is a powerful partnership that helps clients uncover the wisdom within to find the answers they need.

Listen to My Approach to Coaching Clients at the Organization of American States


I bring integrity, confidentiality, dedication and appreciation to coaching. Through a process of engaged listening, reflective questioning and challenging assumptions, I help clients explore how their internal thought processes affect their external behaviors. Using a strategic methodology, I conduct a needs assessment to understand what clients want to achieve.

By deeply exploring intentions and motivations, clients become more self-aware and authentic in their actions. They are able to be more grounded and centered as they face demands and make decisions. As a result, they work on areas to improve, and use their strengths to get the job done well, and link to the broader objectives of the organization.

  • Partner to develop strategies for workplace challenges and professional development
  • Emphasize an appreciative approach to recognize competencies and strengths
  • Elicit self-learning and discovery through strategic questioning and feedback
  • Use self-assessment instruments for greater awareness
  • Conduct 360-degree feedback from supervisors, co-workers and direct reports
  • Create strategies for managing conflict with staff and supervisors
  • Facilitate retreats for coaching clients

Coaching Challenge and Successful Outcome:

“I coached a senior manager whose direct style of communication was perceived by her staff as brusque and difficult. While the client was resistant at the beginning, she said the skills she learned during her coaching sessions positively impacted her management style.

After interviewing her staff to determine what changes they observed, they said that she’s more patient, less strident in her tone and more open to their suggestions.”

~Susan Levin, Dialogue for Solutions