Leadership Development

I work with leaders to leverage their strengths and competencies to lead their organizations with impact. Through strategic visioning and reflective questioning, leaders determine the direction they want to take now and in the future. While leaders provide strategic direction, it’s important to involve employees at all levels and ask for their input. As a result, staff members feel ownership into the design of a retreat, meeting, or process, and are more motivated to implement the plan.

“The retreat served us very well. We have accomplished a number of projects identified at the retreat, with our office taking the lead.”

~Dale Gentry, former Director, Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center, USDA

Services include:

  • Perform needs assessments through interviews and online surveys
  • Plan new strategic direction, involving staff in the planning process
  • Develop innovative ways to strengthen teams, clarify roles and responsibilities and implement participatory decision-making
  • Evaluate current organization structures, practices and policies and aid in the design and implementation of needed changes
  • Identify what is working in an organization and develop ways to expand best practices


Susan conducts leadership training at the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services